Courses Taught

The courses I have most recently taught are listed below. A full list of offerings can be found on my C.V.

Arizona State University

  • History in the Making
  • U.S. History to 1865 (in-class and online)
  • Global History to 1500 (in-class and online)
  • Global History since 1500 (in-class and online)
  • Western Civilization: French Revolution to European Union
  • Sports in U.S. History (in-class/online hybrid)
  • U.S. West 20th Century
  • 20th century U.S. Foreign Relations
  • Contemporary U.S., 1973-Present
  • American Cultural History since 1865
  • The American Revolution, 1763-1789 (online)
  • Early U.S. Republic, 1789-1850
  • U.S. Military History (online)
  • Historiography (graduate level course; online)
  • North American History – Core Colloquium (graduate level course; online, Fall 2016)
  • Social and Cultural Identity in 20th century America (graduate level course; online)
  • Race, Gender, and Migration: 1850-present (graduate level course; online)
  • Applied Project: Capstone Portfolio (graduate level course; online)